The Next Generation

Dragon Drone Training are proud to support the RAF Air Cadets with our scholarship scheme. We are training 6 Scottish and 1 Northern Ireland squadrons with the GVC which includes the A2 CofC course.

The new regulations

A2 CofC Important Even if you have a A2 CofC From 31st December 2022 you will only be able to fly your Drone far from people which means 150m away from towns and cities without a CE class identification label on the Drone from the manufacturer. As yet there are no Drones on the market …

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Practical Flight Exercises

Flying Circuits Circuits are the basic building blocks of flying. They combine all the flight manoeuvres used on operations. All student fixed-wing and helicopter pilots ‘bash the circuits’ for many hours, perfecting flying skills. Airline pilots will fly circuits as part of their final line check examination before being released to fly commercially by the …

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