A2 Certificate of Competency (A2 CofC) - £149 no vat

Syllabus Subjects


Obtaining and Interpreting

Weather Information

Effects of Weather on

Unmanned Aircraft


UAS Flight Performance

Basic Principles of Flight 



UAS Components.

Command and Control

Mass and Balance and

Centre of Gravity (CG)

Operating Guides

Maintenance of System


UAS Operating Principles

UAS Operations and Remote Pilot Responsibilities

Congested Area Operations

Medical Fitness


Technical and Operational

Mitigations for Ground Risks

Pre-deployment Survey

Risk Assessment Form

Task Checklist

Onsite Assessment Form

Flight Checklists

The A2 CofC stand alone consisting of :


  • Student study guide covering the CAA A2 CofC syllabus
  • 1 day interactive course covering the syllabus subjects below delivered by live a Zoom lecture promoting questions and answers.
  • A formal CAA 30 questions exam online over zoom with a remote invigilator and takes a maximum of 75 minutes with a 75% pass mark although, most students take less than 20 minutes and we have an excellent pass rate.
  • You will access to theoretical knowledge practice papers from our Question Bank.
  • There is no flight skill test however, we provide a structured self assessment practice flight manoeuvres guide.
  • There is also no need to produce operational manual which has procedures of how you will conduct your operations and flight, however, we provide an operational and a system manual templates which has the technical details of your aircraft.