General Visual Line of Sight Certificate (GVC) £499 no vat

Syllabus Subjects

Air Law/Responsibilities


The EU UAS Regulation Package:

CAP393 Air Navigation Order:

General overview



UAS Airspace Operating Principles

Airspace overview:

Airspace Classifications:

Specific airspace types:

Airspace reservations:

Obtaining information/approvals:

UAS Operations:


Airmanship and Aviation Safety

Good airmanship principles:

Flight safety:


Operational mitigations:

Remote pilot logbooks:

Human Performance and Limitations (Human Factors)

Medical fitness:


Introduction to obtaining and interpreting weather information:

Effects of weather on the UAS:



Basic map reading (OS):

Aviation Charts:

GPS principles:


UAS General Knowledge

Basic principles of flight:

Command and Control:


Operating Guides:

Maintenance of system:

Technical mitigations:


Operator Responsibilities

Development of operational procedures:


Operating Procedures


Situational awareness:



In Flight:



The GVC which includes the A2 CofC consisting of :


  • Student study guide covering the CAA GVC syllabus
  • 3 day interactive course covering the syllabus subjects below delivered by live a Zoom lecture promoting questions and answers.
  • A formal CAA 60 questions exam online over zoom with a remote invigilator and takes a maximum of 75 minutes with a 75% pass mark although, most students take less than 40 minutes and we have an excellent pass rate.
  • You will access to theoretical knowledge practice papers from our Question Bank.
  • A flight skill test  on the 4th day or at your convenience 
  • We provide a structured self assessment practice flight manoeuvres guide.

We provide templates for the Operation Manuals which are explained in detail over the course.


  • Operation Manual – Volume 1
  • Systems                 – Volume 2
  • The Operation manuals come with free ongoing updates