Our role is to instruct and guide you through the CAA approval process

Dragon Drone Training’s background, is from Dragon Helicopters, which provided theoretical knowledge and flight training for both private and commercial helicopter pilots. We also  provided helicopter filming platforms for a number of companies including the BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Sky and numerous production companies.

Along with the three founders of Dragon Drone Training our instructors and your support staff have accumulated vast experience and thousands of flight and instructional hours on helicopters and hundreds of drone flight hours with both military and civilian experience.

We are the first CAA approved NQE(5371) in Scotland.

We are also the first in the UK to be approved to conduct training and flight testing indoors within the Oriam Centre building, ensuring that the Great British weather doesn’t interrupt the CAA approval process or your course – no need to re-attend due to poor weather.

Our role is to provide instruction and guide you through the CAA approval process, as you join the aviation industry, flying ‘side by side’ with other aviators.

The Civil Aviation Authority – CAA

Aviation law as defined in the Air Navigation Order (ANO) states that it is illegal to operate any drone in what is define as a congested area.

A congested area is referred to as ‘any area of a city, town or settlement which is substantially used for residential, industrial, commercial or recreational purposes.’ This covers housing estates, retail parks, theme parks, shopping centres, city centres and public parks.

Furthermore, this precludes operating a drone for commercial gain, which includes any form of photographic assignment to a third party for payment and the uploading onto Facebook or Youtube sites that are monetised.

This is not unusual, a private pilot of a manned aircraft is also not allowed to fly for financial gain.

To fly a drone in a congested area (within predefined limits) and for financial reward the pilot must have permission and approval from the CAA.

However, our main responsibility is to provide the procedural structures to commercial drone/UVA flights.


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