CAA Requirements for Permission

 In order gain permission for commercial operation (PfCO) and therefore approval, the CAA require that all Pilots attends an approved course, which consists of:

1.   Passing the theoretical knowledge exam based on a syllabus provided by the CAA covering:

Air Law
Principles of Flight
Airspace and Operating Principles
Operations Manual & Risk Assessment
Human Factors
Operator Responsibilities & Airmanship
Flight Planning

These subjects are basically the private pilot exams tailored to UAV drone operations.

2.     Pass a flight test with an approved examiner

3.     Produce an operations manual which states the procedures that will be followed when conducting
          flights. The operation manual follows a template provided in a CAA Publication called ‘CAP 722’ 

Training Course Syllabus

To fulfil the CAA requirements we offer a 5 day (5 nights arriving the day before) residential course which includes:

         Student study manual, both hard copy and PDF, covering the CAA syllabus subject areas

Theoretical Knowledge ground school and the formal exam
Practical flight training (as required) with an instructor
Practical flight/skill test with an examiner
Fire and First Aid courses (including certificates for Operation Manual inclusion) with                  Edinburgh Airport Fire Service
Operation Manual workshop creation to CAP 722 template which we evaluate before forwarding to the          CAA along with your application

Course Dates

The full time residential course costs £1,440 +vat

Our role is to instruct and guide you through the CAA approval process with our experience and regardless of the weather will deliver exactly that.

In the unlikely event of having to resit the theoretical exam or retake the flight test, we will provide further instruction and the resit and retake are free of charge

Time Table

Other Information

The application fees to the CAA for your ‘Permission for Commercial Operations (PfCO) are payable by the student direct to the CAA and are currently £173

If you use your own drone please ensure you have the correct insurance. Please email us if you are not sure and we’ll point you in the right direction, we currently use ‘Coverdrone’

However, if you elect to use one of the schools drones you are covered by our insurance.

Sample pages from the student study guide

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